NFL players are ensuring their future wealth by investing in bitcoin

Of all the things an NFL player might worry about, you wouldn’t think wealth would be one of them. However, sport is a young person’s game, and it doesn’t hurt to invest a little in one’s future.

According to a report from Bitcoinist, that’s exactly what these athletes are doing.

One key influencer in this trend is Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks, who began accepting Bitcoin as payment for official merch way back in 2014. He now claims that, since the cryptocurrency’s value rose to $19,000 last year, more and more players have been discussing it.

And it’s not just Bitcoin, as we know, with Sherman investing in Litecoin, Ethereum and Cobinhood.

He told CNBC: “None of us really grew up with… financial literacy. A lot of [players] have been taken advantage of by financial advisers.

“A lot of them have just been trying their best to become more educated on not only crytocurrencies, but just stocks and trading in general… So people in my sport, in my field, are definitely becoming more educated and trying to be more intelligent with how they play for the money and understanding where their money is going.”