North Korea wants to host major international blockchain and cryptocurrency gathering

North Korea is looking to attract international blockchain and cryptocurrency experts to the country this autumn…

North Korea has made the headlines for pretty much one main reason this year, with the apparent thawing of relations between its leader, Kim Jong-Un, and the President of the United States, Donald Trump seeing the eyes of the world on the country.

Trump, as has been demonstrated several times already, is no fan of cryptocurrency. But it seems as though North Korea is taking a different approach to the US. In fact, the country now seems to be trying to position itself as a welcoming home for crypto and blockchain.

North Korea is set to hold what’s being called the Korean International Blockchain Conference, with cryptocurrency apparently on the agenda too. The news broke on Radio Free Asia, and was subsequently reported by Straits Times.

The conference is said to be scheduled for October 1st, and will take place over two days. Then, delegates will have the chance to meet business officials from North Korea the day after.

The report confirmed that the plan is for North Korea to show off its technological expertise, and is keen to present its own experts.

There’s no indication yet just who is likely to be on the delegate list for the event, or what the contents of the conference are going to be. But there’s a strong suspicion that North Korea will make a lot of noise about it around the time. And a further suspicion that Donald Trump will not be amongst the list of potential attendees.

An official announcement of the event is expected in due course.

Image: BigStock