Now there’s a debit card you can spend cryptocurrency on

The new piece of plastic that allows you to spend Bitcoin, Ethereum and more…

Digital currencies have been slowly edging towards mainstream lines more and more, one of the reasons why regulatory bodies around the world have growing interest in them. But in terms of engaging the everyday person on the street, cryptocurrencies still have some way to go in terms of sheer accessibility.

Step forward, though, a company by the name of Ternio.

Ternio is a blockchain technology specialist, and it’s started the year off by launching a debit card, that you can spend cryptocurrency on. It’s called BlockCard, and it’s launched over in the States. And what makes this notably different from other card products that have offered some degree of crypto support over the past year or two is the breadth on offer. The BlockCard supports a range of cryptocurrencies, with at launch Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar Lumens and Ternio supported. If you happen to have any of those currencies, you deposit them into your BlockCard account, and then you can spend them instantly with a piece of plastic.

Interestingly, there isn’t the delay in processing transactions that tend to hamper potential consumer blockchain-based finance products. Ternio is getting around the delays by bringing in a cryptocurrency exchange, that can facilitate payments instantly.

Plans are afoot to support more cryptocurrencies over the course of the coming year and beyond, and the BlockCard is open to applicants in the US right now. You can apply for one, assuming you’re eligible, over at the BlockCard website, here.