Now you can buy a luxury car using Bitcoin

Fancy a Rolls-Royce? Now you can reach for your Bitcoin wallet to pay for it…

Yesterday, we reported the story of the real estate company that’s listed an 18-bedroom mansion in Malta for sale via Bitcoin. The price of that, a cool 550 Bitcoins. Albeit before Bitcoin lost some 10-15% of its value over the past 24 hours.

Now, though, you can add another luxury to the list of things you can buy with Bitcoin. An American car dealership has now added cryptocurrencies to its list of payment methods. This means that if you’re in the Houston area, and buying from a company called Post Oak Motors, you can pay via Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash for your new car. It makes them the first Rolls-Royce dealer to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method for a new vehicle.

Post Oak is taking payments via BitPay, and as such, you don’t actually have to be that close to Houston if you fancy buying yourself a Roller. Although, in truth, it probably helps when it comes to logistics should you be in the vicinity.

The decision to accept cryptocurrency was announced on the blog for Post Oak Motor Cars, with owner Tilman Fertitta saying that “the rising of Bitcoin sparked my interest”. That said, it’s probably best he avoided the internet yesterday.

All notwithstanding, he added that “being a premier luxury car dealer, I always want to offer my customers the very best buying experience and this partnership will allow anyone around the world to purchase our vehicles faster and easier.”

You can read the statement in full, and check out the Post Oak website, here.

Image: BigStock