Number of women interested in crypto more than doubles in six months

The number of women considering cryptocurrency investment has more than doubled over the last six months, according to new reports.

Though still a small amount, 13 per cent (up from 6 per cent) of women are now looking into investing in crypto, reports City AM, and the venture is most popular with millennial women.

Agnes de Roeyer, London Block Exchange’s senior business analyst, said: “There’s still a comon misconception that cryptocurrency is a game for men, but we’ve seen hundreds of women sign up for our exchange in the last few months and some of the most inspiring and knowledgeable investors, leading the way in the industry are female.”

Other findings include the fact that women are more likely to be strategic about their investments, suffering less than their male peers from FOMO, and also more likely to ask friends and family before making a decision.

In contrast, interest in the sector from men has not grown significantly over the last six months, possibly signifying a shift in the gender split for crypto investors.

Baroness Michelle Mone, co-founder of the EQUI platform, previously told CNR: “This isn’t just for men. You can enter from any industry… These spaces have always been predominantly about men but hopefully we will start to see an increasing number of women join us.

“The future of cryptocurrency is dependent on women getting involved.”