Omnitude brings blockchain tracking to ‘fast’ food of F1 caterer, Absolute Taste

The high-end caterer will integrate Omnitude’s supply chain middleware into its systems, allowing its customers to investigate the provenance of the food on their menus. 

Omnitude – a creator of so-called ‘middleware‘, and one of the more active elements of the British blockchain industry right now – has announced another new partnership with a firm looking to leverage its expertise in integrating distributed ledger tech with existing supply chains.

Following its deal with Formula 1 team Williams, it has now partnered with catering specialist Absolute Taste – which supplies its services to many high-end events and venues, including Formula 1’s British Grand Prix and the Formula E electric car championship.

The deal will see Omnitude’s Blockchain-based middleware platform integrated with Absolute Taste’s existing systems, allowing it to trace the provenance of the food they are serving. The deal will enable Absolute Taste’s customers to track the provenance of the food they are about to eat from farm to fork, should they wish.

Apparently, the detail could go right down as far as recording “the fisherman who line caught their salmon, or the farm which reared their beef”.

The whole process will be handled using the tracking of QR codes, which will eventually allow diners access to relevant data by scanning the menu on the table at which they sit.

Gary Kennerley, Managing Director of Absolute Taste, told us that his company is “very excited to be partnering with Omnitude.”

“Absolute Taste is a company that has always sought to provide innovation to all of its clients and we always harness the latest in technology innovation to further enrich their experience,” he continued. “Historically, the provenance of the produce we use is expressed to customers through a few words on a menu. However, our partnership with Omnitude will give those eating our food a far deeper experience at our events and venues, and even to the private jets we service. Each item on the menu will have a unique, trusted, verifiable journey that customers can explore. It’s part of our commitment to cutting edge cuisine that is customer-centric and deeply personalised as well as fitting perfectly with our philosophy of taking the story behind our produce very seriously.”

“We are really beginning to see the variety of applications that blockchain can be applied to, along with how they will directly affect our everyday lives,” said Chris Painter, CEO of Omnitude.

Indeed, the use of Blockchain has been much touted in the world of food lately – with coffee companies seemingly leading the way in clarifying the supply chain of their product.