Onda Origins uses Blockchain tech to link coffee buyers directly to growers

Following reports that Starbucks is looking into implementing Blockchain technology, another Seattle company is way ahead of the game. 

Onda Origins, a much smaller concern than its now-multinational 47-year old fellow Seattleite concern, aims to transform the coffee business using blockchain technology. It hopes to use distributed ledgers to create a “verifiable bean to cup experience for customers”, according to GeekWire. This will allows buyers of its products to know where their coffee comes from, and for growers to know exactly where its going and ensure they maximise their revenues.

In the hip world of gourmet coffee, Onda Origin’s creators believe that this ability to trace a direct line from grower to customer is important: “We can revenue share back to those growers and reward them a second time for the environmental or social good they’re bringing to the world,” the article quotes Paul Tupper, Onda’s co-founder, as saying. “Consumers are driven by that, and we can make a system that reflects the values people think they’re buying into. A backbone of experiential marketing makes it feel true and traceability proves that it is true.”

The Onda Origins system, which allows growers to set up blockchain tracking for their businesses using a sister application, yave.io, is already being applied in Guatemala and the Phillipines. It, they say, allows them to work more easily across borders and language barriers, and  “find creative ways to make sure their first growers got paid”, as it looked to work with smaller cooperatives and farming set-ups.  and that became more challenging as it looked to expand to larger growers and different locations.

Scott Tupper, brother of Paul and Onda Origin’s other co-founder says : “Blockchain offers an ability through auditing chain of custody on a ledger to make sure that we are following product all the way through and that we will always have access to the growers.”

Onda aims, it says, to make sure that farmers with good “sustainability stories” – i.e. that can prove that they are benefitting their immediate environments through their farming – will get to benefit directly from the trend for premium coffee. This is achieved through being able to directly link the sale price of the coffee back to its source, via its blockchain ledger. Each of its bags of coffee is printed with the name and location of the grower that originally supplied it, all verifiable using the integration between Onda Origins and Yave.io, allowing consumers to favour certain ‘stories’ or locales, should they so wish.

Onda Origins currently sells directly to restaurants and cafes – as well as via its website.