Paris mural kicks off treasure hunt for Bitcoin

Banksy-esque artist, Pascal Boyart, has left a mural in Paris to kick-off a hunt for $1000 worth of crypto. 

Artist Pascal Boyart has created a new mural in his native city, designed to kick-off a treasure hunt with $1,000-worth of donated Bitcoin as the prize.

The image, which riffs on the iconic Eugène Delacroix work Liberty Leading the People (see above), shows lady liberty leading a group of the recent Gilets Jaunes protesters into confrontation as she holds the tricolore aloft, and marks the start of what appears to be a series of clues with bitcoin as a prize for anyone who can solve them.

The Gilet Jeune movement, of course, recently caused widespread disruption in the country during their protests regarding fuel price rises, that widened into a more broad critique of the political direction of the country. The movement also bought us the eye-catching image of a rioter sporting a self-made “Buy Bitcoin” logo’d Yellow Jacket, which was widely seen – and shared among crypto Twitter.

Boyart showed off his work, that portmanteaus the two riotous movements, over Twitter to kick off the search. The artist has looked to launch it now as part of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Satoshi Nakamoto’s mining of the Bitcoin genesis block.

As the artist describes in his tweet, the prize – which currently stands at $0.26btc – was donated by former early internet AOL man, tech entrepreneur and Bitcoin evangelist Alistair Milne. Milne also tweeted to say that people were free to donate to the wallet holding his contribution, in order to increase the value of the prize.

Boyart told his Twitter followers that they would need to be in Paris and actually in-front of the mural in order to take part in the hunt, but gave no further details about where it is or what the puzzle(s) entailed. When pressed as to why there was no overt reference to Bitcoin in the mural, Boyart did, however, point out that he has left a QR code by the side of the painting. Though this would appear to be for donations.

If you happen to be in Paris, it may be worth searching out the mural – as it looks like the reward could grow over time if Boyart’s work gains wider attention among the BTC community. Boyart already has something of a following for his crypto-related work, first shown in a exhibition in Paris last year. Recently we featured his works depicting some of the possible candidates for the real identity of Satoshi NakamotoNewsweek expose ‘victim’ Dorian Nakamoto, the late cryptographer Hal Finney, and computer scientist Nick Szabo – which the artist created using real US Dollars and auctioned via OpenBazaar, the decentralised marketplace.