Paris Saint-Germain football club is getting into cryptocurrency

One of Europe’s leading football clubs is set to launch its own crypto token…

Already in the world of football and cryptocurrency, English Premiership side Wolverhampton Wanderers wear crypto sponsorship on their shirt sleeves. Furthermore, names such as Ronaldinho and Michael Owen have flitted around the crypto scene as well.

However, now a top European football club is getting in on the proverbial action, with the news that Paris Saint-Germain, the French Ligue 1 champions, are set to launch their own cryptocurrency.

It’s come about due to a deal between the club and the Maltese-based blockchain company The deal will see Paris Saint-Germain launching what’s described as a Fan Token Offing – an FTO – whereby fans will be able to get access to tokens, that come with assorted rewards and rights. The idea is to use the currency as a fan loyalty scheme.

Those who have tokens will be able to vote on matters such as the shirt colour of the team, what music to play in the stadium (presumably on match days, but you never know) and who to play friendly matches against in the close season. It’ll be fascinating to see just how that works out in practice.

The token will be tradeable on Socios’ own marketplace, but not against cash. Instead, it’ll be against CHZ tokens. That’s the token of the blockchain company chiliZ, that’s been bringing blockchain tech to sports.

The token is set to launch before the start of the next football season, and Socios is looking to attract other clubs to also take on tokens of their own. Many, we suspect, will be watching the PSG experiment first…