Paytomat offering incentives for 30,000 US bars and nightclubs to accept crypto payments

The American Nightclub Association (ANA) and Paytomat are collaborating on a project that will encourage bars and clubs to adopt cryptocurrencies.

The ANA has 30,000 members and is thus a sizeable market for crypto to permeate, and Paytomat plans to enlist a network including banks, exchanges, gateways and processing companies to help do so.

Yurii Olentir, Paytomat founder and CEO, said: “US bar and nightclubs are a $783 billion industry, which is now open to cryptocurrencies. Recent surveys show that American businesses are willing to accept Bitcoin as a mayment method, and we’ll give them an opportunity to accept a much wider variety of cryptos.

As part of the project a blockchain-based loyalty program for businesses will be launched, offering PTX tokens as an incentive to accept crypto payments.

“One of the Association’s key goals is providing nightlife professionals with trends, tools, resoures, and strategies to help them increase performance and revenues,” added Lev Filimonov, ANA chief sales and marketing officer. “Accepting cryptocurrencies in a business is a competitive advantage and a marketing booster.

“Among all cryptocurrency payment systems, Paytomat offers the best conditions for merchants to pioneer this new economy.”