Pop band Years & Years ask fans to ‘mine’ its own cryptocurrency to earn memorabilia

UK band Years & Years promotes new LP with its own YearCoin. 

Pop band Years & Years has launched an interesting promotional campaign for its upcoming LP, Palo Santo, which hits online and offline music stores on July 6th.

When visiting the band’s promo site for the album, fans are greeted by a description of the futuristic, John Carpenter-esque, dystopia that appears to be the concept underpinning the album. They are then given the opportunity to ‘mine’ the band’s YearCoins by completing certain tasks – like listening to the band’s new single on Spotify, watching its videos, or sharing LP details and YearCoins with their friends. When they have enough of the currency, they can apply for a  ‘Palo Santo’ ID card – an exclusive piece of memorabilia.

Whether or not there is actual blockchain technology underpinning the concept is unclear. The site appears to be a clever bit of Javascript handing out the tokens as opposed to what we would consider a genuine cryptocurrency running on a blockchain. The tokenisation concept is an interesting one, though, in the light of projects such as Verasity – a decentralised video platform that offers to reward content creators and viewers in cryptocurrency for making and watching videos, using smart contracts – or Terra Virtua, which is attempting to do a similar thing for VR gamers.

It may not be too long, then, until we see YearCoins – MonkeyCoins, BlurCoins or GagaCoins – for real.