Pornhub now accepts altcoins TRON, ZenCash

Adult site Pornhub is now accepting cryptocurrency, it announces…

Adult entertainment giant Pornhub will now take your altcoins in return for a few minutes of fun followed by sweaty shame.

The company announced the move in a June 27 tweet to allow payments for ad-free Pornhub Premium in ZenCash (ZEN) and TRON (TRN).

ZEN co-founder Robert Viglione commented the same day that Pornhub users would now be able to “pay for digital entertainment privately without fear of exposure”.

TRON claims a payment throughput of 2,000 transactions per second, orders of magnitude faster than Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Privacy-centric ZEN runs a decentralised network which is end-to-end encrypted, and is a direct descendent of Zclassic, a fork of ZCash.

Both ZCash and ZenCash are based on an algorithm which uses a zero-knowledge proof called zk-SNARKS. Neither coin allows any information to be broadcast about the addresses of the sender or receiver, nor the amount transacted.

ZCash has been variously described by researchers as a ‘money-laundering service’ and a kind of ‘Aladdin’s laundry’.

Verge (XVG) was the first crypto to penetrate the porn market in April when it was added to Pornhub’s payment roster.

Pornhub’s parent company Mindgeek, headquartered in Luxembourg, owns several of the world’s largest adult sites, including Brazzers, Reality Kings and YouPorn, and receives upwards of 110 million daily visitors across its properties.