Reports Success on First Three Successful IEO Projects

7th May 2019: Blockchain assets exchange platform, has today announced the successful accomplishment of its first three IEO projects, with: Crypto Neo-Value Neural (CNNS), DREP, and Facts. is now planning to launch further projects this month.

These projects were launched on’s ‘Startup’ platform,which the company announced last month. Startup is an IEO platform that aims to provide its users with access to innovative and advanced projects. This platform gives traders more opportunities to make initial investments in early stage blockchain projects.

Since launching its IEO platform, has launched three innovative startup projects, with CNNS, DREP and Facts. The project with CNNS help build a vibrant blockchain ecosphere for users to discover, invest in and exchange information and values of crypto assets. The project raised over $3 million USD in the public sale and overall raised a total of $112,484,280 USDT.

The second IEO project with DREP, was committed to building ‘connectors’ and ‘toolkits’ based on blockchain technology, providing solutions for users that combine ease of use, flexibility and frictionless integration. Based on the concept of Smart Pipeline technology, the improvement of data processing was enhanced massively. The project raised over 5,1000,000 GT in the public sale, whilst overall raising 115,654,485 GT.

Thirdly, the project with Facts, which constructed a set of ‘Factual Content Incentive Mechanism’ based on blockchain technology, allowed users to obtain the right of reward allocation through any operational behaviour on the factual content. This helped solve internet problems for users such as false content and low propagation efficiency. The project hosted both a private and public sale; in the private sale it raised 1 BKC=0.0023 USDT and in the public sale it raised 1 BKC=0.00294 USDT. Overall the project raised 44,146,386 USDT.

Virgilio Lizardo, Jr., Vice President of International Affairs at commented on the projects so far: “We are delighted with the success of our first three IEO startup projects. The innovative platforms ensure that our users have more chances to make initial investments, safely and securely. Due to our commitment to building a safe and compliant blockchain asset protection platform globally, we are looking forward to continuing our growth and partnerships, providing our users with a positive and seamless experience.”

The company is set to launch an additional two IEO projects over the next month, with MovieBloc MBL and GoWithMI GMAT For more information please visit the website.