Retro games company Atari to launch its own cryptocurrency

Atari will launch its own cryptocurrency – the Atari Token – aiming to support a new digital entertainment platform.

The video games company is the iconic brand behind Pac-Man, Pong and other retro arcade games, but is now looking firmly to the future with a 15 per cent stake in the Gibralta-based Infinity Networks.

Frederic Chesnais, chairman and CEO, said (via CoinDesk): “Our aim is to take strategic positions with a limited cash risk, in order to best create value with the assets and the Atari brand.”

The company also revealed plans to integrate cryptocurrencies into its online games and in-game purchases.

“To broaden the appeal of these new casinos, and once the Atari Token [is] available, Atari has the project to launch Pong Token, a second token dedicated to crypto-casinos and usable on these gaming sites,” Chesnais continued. “The details of this launch of crypto-casinos will be announced soon.”