Blockchain Energy Platform Company Energi Mine Partners with Hotel Cappuccino

This partnership is the first real life application of blockchain for incentivising energy saving behaviour


Promotes mutual cooperation with various methods, e.g., Giving the hotel guests ‘EnergiToken’ as a reward for energy saving


Manchester, UK – 13th August 2018, Energi Mine, an AI and blockchain energy technology company, today announced its partnership with Hotel Cappuccino, South Korea’s first shared value environmentally-friendly hotel. This collaboration is the initial step to promote the creation of an environmentally-friendly ecosystem through energy saving in the hospitality industry. The partnership will see various initiatives implemented, such as giving EnergiTokens (ETK) to the hotel guests for choosing to stay at the hotel.

Energi Mine is a blockchain-based platform designed to encourage energy saving with digital currency, and disrupt the 2 trillion-dollar global energy market. The partnership with Hotel Cappuccino will see Energi Mine provide its blockchain reward platform to all guests that stay at Hotel Cappuccino, issuing EnergiToken’s (ETKs) that will be distributed by the hotel to its guests as a financial reward for energy saving behaviour. The EnergiToken has an inherent financial value and will be used for things such as settling personal energy bills, EV charging stations or even cashed out via an exchange into fiat currency. The goal of this giveaway is to financially reward energy saving behaviour in a way which encourages people to make these behaviours instinctive actions, effectively teaching them to be greener.

Founded in 2015 in the stylish Gangnam district of Seoul, Hotel Cappuccino is South Korea’s first urban lifestyle destination which implements various programs in which people can practice socially shared values themselves. The programs encourage people to practice social responsibility, including helping to protect the environment. An example of this is the program called ‘Earn&Giveaway (E&G)’, which gives out “Angel Coupons” when guests do not use amenities placed in all guestrooms. The guest then can either donate this coupon to, a non-profit organisation that helps poor countries experiencing difficulty due to water shortage, or exchange the coupons for a free drink at the in-house cafe. In addition to this and other established reward schemes, the partnership with Energi Mine is a perfect fit for Hotel Cappuccino, as it will further encourage guests to be more eco-friendly during their stay and beyond, thanks to interaction the Energi Token reward scheme.

General Manager Chae, Hye-jeong of Hotel Cappuccino said, “We are aligned with Energi Mine’s values and overarching vision to induce people’s active participation in energy saving  through a new technology, which is of global interest. We are delighted to enter into the partnership with Energi Mine and be part of the construction of a new energy eco-system.” She added, “Energi Mine manages substantial amount of energy, disrupting the energy markets through utilising blockchain technology, not just having ideas. We will work together and bring to life various ideas for creating good shared values in society with EnergiMine from the long-term perspective.”

CEO Omar Rahim of Energi Mine stated “Korea is a key market for us and our partnership with Hotel Cappuccino is a natural fit, as we share the belief in making positive behaviour changes to reduce global energy consumption.” He continued, “We want individuals to be mindful of their environmental impact on the choices they make, ultimately making over consumption a social taboo. We look forward to future collaboration and discussing with Hotel Cappuccino how we can encourage behavioural changes on a more individual level utilising the EnergiToken application later this year.”

After Energi Mine’s successful launch of the ETK reward platform in May of this year, this second phase of the Beta application was launched in August; which introduces a management dashboard for approved vendors, allowing them to manage clients and distribute tokens. Consumers using these vendors will be given the power to interact with them directly as they continue to earn ETK and trade it in for rewards.

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