Omnitude announces global expansion with opening of US operation

London – 23 August 2018 – British blockchain middleware platform, Omnitude, today announced it has opened a further international office in the US, following international offices in the UK, and South Africa. It will develop its blockchain software platform and centre its US sales and business operations out of Austin, Texas, a hub in the blockchain community.

Austin is becoming one of the top startup hubs in the United States, drawing talent from San Francisco. It is also participating in some pioneering blockchain applications such as helping homelessness within the city of Austin itself. Omnitude will benefit from becoming part of this thriving blockchain community and will provide value to Austin by helping bring blockchain closer to mainstream adoption.

With the opening of this new office, Martyn Brougham has been appointed as COO Americas. Previously solutions director for DHL Supply Chain, Martyn was responsible for pioneering projects to deliver supply chain solutions for multimillion-dollar contracts, including the police, telecoms and marketing. He previously worked for R.R. Donnelley, the world’s largest printer and Williams Lee, the largest global BPO company across Europe, USA and APAC.

Brougham commented: “Today is an important landmark in our mission to make blockchain technology accessible to organisations, offering established multinationals and home-grown business ecosystems the opportunity to disrupt their markets with improved efficiencies, innovation and trust. We have spent our time getting to know the Austin scene and we are excited to invest and grow from here.”

The office will also be a centre of excellence and product development, overseen by Omnitude’s US-based CTO, James Worthington.

Worthington remarked: “What we are doing, from a technology perspective, has never been done before, so this is the beginning of an exciting journey. We have hired three more developers this week, and we are looking to recruit more smart people to build our technology platform and serve our US partners. Our new US operation will be able to draw on our formidable global network, but there is still much that we can learn about blockchain from sharing knowledge and experience with the Austin community.”

Omnitude makes it easier and faster for companies to exploit the benefits of blockchain technology and build it into the complex array of systems they use to serve their customers. Acting as a middleware layer between legacy and contemporary systems, the Omnitude technology platform helps businesses to innovate by adding additional layers of trust, security and efficiency into their applications with blockchain.

About Omnitude

Omnitude provides blockchain middleware to enterprises. The Omnitude platform enables organisations to rapidly, and cost effectively, deploy disruptive end-to-end supply chain solutions by seamlessly integrating blockchain with their existing eCommerce platforms and enterprise systems.

The technology is flexible, enabling a wide variety of different applications to be built by Omnitude and its community through open documentation, example code and support. It enables a step change in the operational efficiency and trust within the Omnitude ecosystem.

Customers include Williams Martini Racing, The Maltese Government’s Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects, Luxury Goods and Food Retailers, Technology Businesses and Logistics Companies.