Ripple hires former Google expert for senior role

The leading blockchain firm, Ripple, has hired a former Google technologist to be a VP of products…

by Manoj Sharma for CNR

Based in San Francisco, Ripple is a leading blockchain company of course, and one that’s bolstered its ranks. For news has broken that it has recently hired Amir Sarhangi as its vice president of the products. Amir was earlier reported to be leading Google’s Rich Communication Services division, for a new wireless messaging system.

Reuters reported the news over the weekend. Thus, Ripple Labs – the company behind RippleNet, a global payment network and the crypto Ripple – confirmed that “it was excited to have Sarhangi leading its effort to develop a global payments network known as RippleNet.”

Alphabet Inc, the parent company of Google, didn’t respond to the question of whether it had hired someone to fill Amir’s role as head of RCS.

Amir Sarhangi had earlier established Jibe Mobile, a startup that developed technology to support wireless communication. The company was a pioneer in offering IP messaging, virtual IMS, developer gateway and video chat to mobile networks. Amir started working with Google after the giant acquired Jibe Mobile in 2015.

The RCS technology is supposed to replace the SMS to handle messages and multimedia, such as receipts over airline networks.

Ripple Labs has been making great attempts to enhance their growing business. It recently launched xRapid solution and added many banks and financial services firms to the RippleNet payments system.

With Ripple Labs expanding across the world, placing Amir as head of the products feels like a further statement of intent. Interesting times lie ahead…