Roger Ver Contributed most to the adoption of Bitcoin, reckons Shapeshift CEO

Why Roger Ver was pivotal for Bitcoin…

by Manoj Sharma for CNR

In a discussion with Naomi Brockwell on YouTube, Shapeshift boss Erik Voorhees has spoken about Bitcoin and how it has evolved over the last ten years. Notably, he went on to state that Roger Ver played an important role in Bitcoin adoption.

Voorhees, the CEO of ShapeShift, spoke about Bitcoin, and the businesses that survived the crypto space for a long time.

He started off the discussion with Naomi Brockwell by speaking about projects that either vanished or failed miserably over the past ten years in the market. He singled out companies that have disappeared in the past, and said that none of them shocked him, citing examples of Mt. Gox and Silk Road.

“I mean Mt. Gox was starting to have lots of problems and it was clearly on the downturn. When that blew up, you know, that could have been seen a mile away. Silk Road was always a hugely risky operation, which ultimately did get shut down but of course, that model lives on and there are many more dark net markets at this point.”

Erik also cited examples of companies that have continued to survive in the market, such as Coinbase, Zappo, and Bitpay.

He added that “I think that’s a huge victory. I mean it is capitalism. There are many companies, most startups fail, most projects fail, but ultimately the ones that are put together will persist and get better and better. We have a whole ecosystem in a whole industry that is sprouted out of nothing ten years ago”

Additionally, he discussed the adoption and growth of Bitcoin during the past ten years. He firmly believes that Roger Ver, also known as ‘Bitcoin Jesus’, has contributed the most to the adoption of Bitcoin, by the various cab rides and restaurant visits he undertook to advocate for Bitcoin on a one-on-one basis. He said that “he did that thousands of times. Literally. I mean people care about this, they see that it’s sensible means of exchange that’s as important to the world as an insensible means or insensible means of communication and speech and not everyone gets that, you know, I think when a lot of these struggles for liberty, the majority doesn’t quite understand it or care and so, you basically have a dedicated minority that has to risk it all and push it forward and struggle through every obstacle to actually bring it to the rest of the world”.

Image: Roger Ver