Samsung looks like it’s about to make a major cryptocurrency move

A new trademark application has turned up in the UK – and it’s got Samsung’s name all over it…

The end of the year is bringing with it fresh interest from Samsung in the cryptocurrency sector, following rumours that have been swirling around for the past few weeks. Just the other week, a story popped that Samsung was looking to include a cold cryptocurrency wallet on its upcoming top of the range S10 smartphone, a rumour the company itself has firmly played down. You can read our report on that here.

But the story has come come back up again with the news that the company has filed a trademark application in Britain.

It made a filing just after Christmas – how’s that for trying to get news out in a quiet news period? – with the UK Intellectual Property Office. The name of the trademark? “Samsung Crypto Wallet”. And that, even to our bleary post-Christmas eyes doesn’t look very vague to us.

Under the ‘classes and terms’ section of the trademark filing, meanwhile, are the following:

Computer software for use as a cryptocurrency wallet; Computer software for cryptocurrency transfer and payment using blockchain technology; Computer application software for smartphones, namely, software to allow users to transfer cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology and pay via 3rd party’s application software

You can read the trademark application for yourself here.

Samsung hasn’t officially commented on the trademark application yet, but there’s little doubt it’s legitimate. And it certainly does little to dampen those rumours that a cold wallet is coming to its smartphone range. The S10 remains by far the most likely candidate for it. Expect more on this story in the new year…

Image: BigStock