Securer logins promised by new blockchain-based app

The humble password may well have met its match…

by Manoj Sharma for CNR

With more than six million apps that require you to input multiple levels of authentication, the risks of hacking and identity thefts are on the rise. An app-to-app integration platform, such as CivicConnect reckons it can address these issues by offering secure logins and reusable KYC…

In a press announcement that it put out earlier this week, the secure identity system Civic introduced its newest addition, CivicConnect, a new app-to-app integration platform. The platform is reusable, meaning as soon as a user’s account is verified, they could create a CVC ID and use it to access all the applications supported by the Civic Connect platform.

As per the official announcement, “app developers can now leverage the power of the Civic Secure Identity Platform within mobile applications. They can now add secure 2-factor authentication (2FA), anonymous private 2FA, and onboard verified users in customized flows that streamline the experience without sacrificing security or compliance.”

The users of Civic can verify their identity only once, and each app integrated with its platform could reuse the identity verified by them. The information is stored locally and is accessible only with the explicit permission given by the users.

The app boasts a collection of features. For instance, it reckons it offers fully encrypted identity data that can only be accessed and shared with biometrics, along with keys that are generated by a third-party wallet, providing a firewall, or an extra layer of protection between Civic and users’ keys.

On top of that there’s liveness testing, captured during ID verification, to ensure the person is real and not a Facebook photo or a YouTube video. A public identifier for the authenticating authority hashed identity data, and a flag indicating the data is still valid. Plus document optical character recognition (OCR) information extraction for high-speed onboarding.

Civic cites their first use case, Dentacoin, which began using the identity verification solution a couple of months ago. Now, Dentacoin will be integrating CivicConnect with its own platform to provide ID verification for its health training app.

You can read more about Civic, here.