Someone created a children’s book to explain the Blockchain

Meet Blocky, the character created to teach young children the concepts behind Blockchain technology, bless its heart.

Are you a bit of an evangelist for decentralisation? Have have you got a child – or particularly unreceptive friend – that you’re keen to teach about blockchain technology? Well, this is definitely something that you want to take a look at, because Brett Biery’s A Place In The Blockchain – featuring a friendly central character by the name of Blocky – is designed to do just that.


Available from free download via Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, or for £6.40 in paperback the book is, according to its creator, “a fun tribute to the technology” telling of Blocky’s quest to become part of the larger blockchain, explaining the technology in ways children can understand. 

Biery took to Reddit to introduce his character, saying “I didn’t want to make the book controversial (ie. forking reference on one page is probably the closest it got) so I left it more generic.”

He said he created the book, to “introduce children to some of the words”, adding “possibly parents as well”.

“I read to my kid every night,” he concluded, adding “its fun to read about something that both of us can be interested in.”