Sony to launch blockchain-based platform for digital rights management

Business and tech giant Sony has announced a blockchain-based digital rights management (DRM) system, in order to authenticate its rights data.

The company is ‘contemplating’ the use cases for the system for information management and data distribution across a range of different fields, an official release states.

Sony said: “Today, advances in technologies for digital content creation allow anyone to broadcast and share content, but the rights management of that content is still carried out conventionally by industry organizations or the creators themselves, necessitating a more efficient way of managing and demonstrating ownership of copyright-related information for written works.

“This newly-developed system is specialized for managing rights-related information of written works, with features for demonstrating the date and time that electronic data was created, leveraging the properties of blockchains to record verifiable information in a difficult to falsify way, and identifying previously recorded works, allowing participants to share and verify when a piece of electronic data was created and by whom.”

The whole system is based on the existing one from Sony and Sony Global Education, which allows for authentification, shaaring and rights management of educational data.

Back in April, CNR reported that Sony was considering a project such as this, after a patent application for DRMwas published.

The application read: “A DRM computer system would verify the rights in the blockchain and then decrypt the media when needed. This computer system can take different forms, including a ‘DRM agent’ residing on a user’s device.”