Steve Bannon reaffirms that he’s working on a cryptocurrency of his own

Donald Trump’s sacked advisor, Steve Bannon, has confirmed his support for Bitcoin, and continues to work on his own cryptocurrency…

Steve Bannon, the hugely controversial former advisor to American President Donald Trump (who fired him just under a year ago), has been chatting about his leaning towards cryptocurrency again in a new interview.

Bannon, talked to CNBC at a conference in New York, affirmed that “I like Bitcoin, I own Bitcoin”, declaring cryptocurrencies as a whole “the future”. Given that the tone of the rest of the Delivering Alpha conference reportedly took a less positive view on cryptocurrencies, not for the first time Bannon was swimming against the proverbial tide.

He saved some ire for the swathe of ICOs around, though, arguing that “too many investors get blown out by things that aren’t thought through”.

That said, he potentially has his own cryptocurrency on the way. He’s reportedly looking into developing a virtual currency going by the name of the ‘deplorables coin’, a dig at Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. He first raised the idea of this last month, and he’s said that he’s still working on the project. Nothing of substance has come to light yet, though.

Bannon’s interview with CNBC can be found here.

Image: Elekes Andor/CC