Steve Wozniak announces involvement with Ethereum-based Equi

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, revealed that he is dipping a toe into the world of blockchain during a recent interview.

Speaking with NullTX, Wozniak said: “I’m involved with, very soon, my first time being involved in a blockchain company. [It’s] called Equi. Our approach is not like a new currency, or something phony where an event will make it go up in value. It’s a share of stock, in a company.”

Equi, for those unfamiliar, is a Ethereum-based investment platform launched this year by Aston Ventures’ Doug Barrowman and Ultimo founder Baroness Michelle Mone.

Speaking to CNR about the company back in February, Barrowman said: “A lot of the ICOs, you have to ask yourself how do you get value and why has it risen so much in the 12-months since launch? Very often there’s no real substance to it, whereas this one is underpinned by a portfolio of investments – hopefully with a blockbuster along the way.”

However, as The Next Web details, Equi’s journey since launch has been far from ideal. After opening its initial coin offering to the public, for example, it was revealed that targets had not been met and investors were refunded.

Around the same time as Equi was launched, Wozniak told the audience of a conference in Sweden that most of his Bitcoin holdings had been sold, despite his continuing interest in cryptocurrency.

He said: “When it shot up high, I said, ‘I don’t want to become one of those people that watch it, watches it, and cares about the number. I don’t want that kind of care in my life. Part of my happiness is not to have worries, so I sold it all – just got rid of it – except just enough to still experiment with.”

This move, then, makes sense given Wozniak’s trepidation around crypto but apparent enthusiasm for the potential of blockchain tech.

Speaking further with NullTX, he added: “At first I kept hearing [about blockchain], and I didn’t understand it. It’s not something you understand in a day. You think about it, read more about it and how it works, and then you see how people actually start to use it, through the mining process and also the verification and, aha! It all adds up!

“It’s so independent! It’s kind of like the internet when it was brand new… I was amazed at the technology behind it.”