Study: Men 28% more likely to invest in crypto than women

Men are almost a third more likely than their female peers to invest in cryptocurrency, a new study has revealed.

The research, conducted by fintech company Crealogix, also discovered that millennials are an average of five times more likely to invest than baby boomers, and those living in London are twice as likely than in any other UK region.

Those in the North West and East Midlands came out bottom for their likelihood to invest in crypto.

Jo Howes, commercial director at Crealogix UK, said: “In the near future, holding cryptocurrencies in a portfolio will be a popular investment strategy, sharing similarities with long term assets like gold. Crypto holdings also compare to actively traded securities like shares and funds. We enable the digital wealth manager to easily prepare to deliver these future ptions in their investment applications today.”

Respondents earning between £45,001 and $55,000 came out top for the income bracket most likely to invest in crypto, while unsurprisingly those earning £15,000 or less came close to least likely to engage with the sector.

However, it was beat to the lowest spot by those earning £65,001 and £75,000, which demonstrated a huge gulf between the second-lowest highest earners and those bringing in £75,000 and over.

While the lack of female participants in the sector is an ongoing problem, the differences as divided by income are much more surprising and may point to future trends in the crypto space.