Swiss ‘Crypto Valley’ aims to bring diversity to blockchain with female board members

The Swiss Crypto Valley Association (CVA) has announced an initiative designed to boost the number of women on its board, fighting against the lack of diversity in the sector. reports that two incoming female board members are the first step towards creating a more inclusive environment.

Leanne Abapo Senn, a member of the diversity task force at the Swiss Crypto Valley association, said: “Our wish is to create a space which is suitable to everyone, rather than soldiering on with the old boys club together with their cronies. Our main aim is to include more women in the Crypto Valley Association and thus create a stronger, more inclusive ecosystem.”

The CVA was established in 2017 and initially welcomed more than 1,000 members that included blockchain-related companies, lawyers, consultants and more. The ‘Crypto Valley’ of the title refers to the city of Zug, Switzerland.

This latest move, however, addressed a pervasive problem in the blockchain space, and tech more generally. Abapo Senn, for example, was dissatisfied with the most recent election’s process, saying:

“Considering that practically all CVA members have social media accounts, it would have been easy to have given more publicity to this important process.”

A written statement regarding the recruitment of two women to the board reads: “[It] will serve to strengthen the Association through a diversity of perspectives, experience and skills.

“The two new members of the board will fill similar roles to those of the current members, including co-chairing the CVA working groups, receiving international delegations, interacting with other Swiss and international organisations, presenting the CVA and Crypto Valley at external events and supporting the CVA’s own local and international intiatives.”