Switzerland’s ‘Crypto Valley’ will trial blockchain-based voting

Switzerland’s so-called ‘Crypto Valley’, situated in the city of Zug, will use blockchain as part of a voting test this month, reports have revealed.

Zug is known for being a hub of blockchain-related start-ups much like a microcosmic Silicon Valley, so it makes sense for it to be one of the first places to actually trial using blockchain in this way.

From June 25, residents in the city will download an app and register to vote, following the creation of Zug’s eID system late last year. The system already has 200 users, and cryptocurrency is accepted in various locations to pay for services in the city.

Once registered, voters will be asked about various services that could use blockchain technology in the future, such as parking fees and libraries. They will also be questioned about the process in general, and whether it should be used for future votes.

This will be the first test of its kind in Switzerland, but the country is keen to test the technology and expand electronic voting to other areas.