Editorial Team


  • Chris Green – Editor-in-Chief – [email protected]
    Obsessed with technology and a multi-award-winning journalist with over 20 years’ experience reporting for print, online and broadcast outlets. Chris has edited titles including IT Pro, Computing Magazine, Computing SME and Data Business. He has also worked on newspapers and magazines including the Daily Mirror, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Independent, Today and Reuters. He appears frequently as a business and technology commentator for broadcasters including the BBC, NPR, LoveSport Radio, Share Radio, CNBC, LBC and Sky News.


  • Simon Brew – Managing Editor – [email protected]
    Simon has been editing technology titles since 1998, having overseen publications as diverse as PC Mart, Computer Trade Only, Linux User & Developer, Micro Mart and Public Sector Computing. He also founded He’s a keen technology enthusiast, published author, and speaker.


  • John Moore – Deputy Editor – [email protected]
    John is a technology writer and enthusiast, who has written for titles and organisations such as CTO, Den Of Geek, Raspberry Pi and Micro Mart. He is a keen advocate of technology in schools, and experienced magazine editor.


  • Caroline Preece – Staff Writer & News Editor – [email protected]
    Caroline is a technology writer, previously working on titles such as IT Pro and Micro Mart, with an interest in and passion for how blockchain can revolutionise business and intersect with AI, IoT and other sectors.



CNR also works with, and is proud to feature the work of experienced technology writers such as Nicole Kobie, Gareth Halfacree, Barry Collins and more.

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Management Team

Tom Fry – Managing Director and Publisher – [email protected]

Charles Hayter – Director

Adam Battersby –Director