The $42m Roman mansion up for sale in cryptocurrency

At the end of the month, a 16th century Roman property is going up for auction – and cryptocurrency is accepted…

If you’ve got a few Coins lying around in your wallet – well, $42m worth at least – then you can now use your cryptocurrency to buy yourself a 16th century Italian mansion. Well, bid for it, at least.

Boasting 11 bedrooms, three kitchens and 15 baths, The Palazzetto is found in Rome, and is five stories high. Built by Giacomo Della Porta – a collaborator at times with Michelangelo – the 17,000 square foot property is being offered for auction by Los Angeles real estate agents Hilton & Hyland.

Bids are being accepted using traditional forms of payment. But also, the listing is being described as the first in American history to allow bidding in cryptocurrency as well.

Bidding takes place on June 28th, with blockchain firm Propy providing the tech behind the process.  The website for the auction, where you can sign up and register your interest, is here.

It’s expected that the number of real estate deals being funded by crypto will slowly increase in the years ahead. Not all of them, though, are set to cost quite so many millions, though…

Image: Wikipeder74 (Creative Commons)