The American state using a blockchain app for voting

One US state has started taking ballots for the upcoming mid-term elections – using blockchain…

by Manoj Sharma for CNR

Since the earliest inception of the blockchain, one of the important ideal uses of the technology outside of monetary transactions has been as a means of digital voting. The world wide web, after all, despite being around for decades, has never been used to create a way to implement a digital, secure voting system.

The cry for digital voting has nowhere been louder than in the United States, as voting rates for citizens continue to stagnate, especially among the younger generation. And that’s where technology clearly has a part to play. Now, as reported by Slate, the citizens of West Virginia will now be at the forefront of a digital voting system, one that combines the convenience of a smartphone app with the security of blockchain.

As per the report, the state has initiated the process of using mobile-phone app voting system based on the blockchain technology for absentee ballots to be collected for the upcoming mid-term elections in November. This had been discussed earlier this year, but is now pressing ahead, and voting began for the upcoming US mid-term elections this week. Even the citizens of West Virginia living abroad will have the option to vote using the app, called Voatz.

While the main target of the platform is military personnel stationed out of the US, the app also allows voting for citizens registered in 24 countries.

Earlier this year, West Virginia rolled out a pilot program to implement a blockchain-based voting system, with a selected number of voters. As per the State secretary, Marc Warner, the pilot program was a success, demonstrating both effectiveness and security as a voting software.

Other US states will be eyeing the experiment with interest…

Image: BigStock