The European Commission wants to use blockchain to fight ‘fake news’

The European Commission (EC) has called upon blockchain technology in the fight against false online information – or ‘fake news’ – and the threat it poses.

The EC has released a statement detailing how it plans to tackle the steady rise of online misinformation, citing various technologies including artificial intelligence and blockchain.

The EC said: “Innovative technologies, such as blockchain, can help preserve the integrity of content, validate the reliability of information and/or its sources, enable transparency and traceability, and promote trust in news displayed on the internet.

“This could be combined with the use of trustworthy electronic identification, authentication and verified pseudonyms.”

The Commission plans to report on progress by December 2018, before which it will enlist a number of strategies to help curb the influence of fake news and support the integrity of trustworthy information and journalism.

“The Commission recognises the key role of emerging technologies which are changing the way information is produced and disseminated, and have the potential to play a central role in tackling disinformation over the longer term,” the EC added.