The man who’s traced the rise and fall of Bitcoin’s price in a short horror film

Bitcoin as a short horror film? Take a look at Crypto…

The tumultuous price of Bitcoin over the past 12 years has seen the most prominent cryptocurrency go from a peak of just shy of $20,000 at the end of last year, before falling for most of this year. Unsurprisingly, many investors have been caught out by the volatility of the coin, and by its dramatic price fluctuations.

On the flipside, it’s all made for a fun little short horror movie, that’s been released onto YouTube.

Written and directed by Alex J Mann, the film goes by the name of Crypto, and he posted it with the simple advice, “Hodl on!”.

It’s a simple little movie that he’s put together, that stars Moses Storm. The film reflects the varying price of Bitcoin, and one man’s reaction to it. What’s more, it’s only going to take just over a minute of your time to watch, and it’s well worth doing so.

Take a look at the following and see what you think…

Mann works under the banner of Space Oddity Films, and previously he’s made short horror films that cover podcasting, Wikipedia, laptop cameras and Snapchat.

You can find the Space Oddity YouTube channel here. And should pundits predicting a major spike in Bitcoin prices over the coming year be proven correct, we’re intriguing to see if Mann will consider making a sequel!