The next football club to launch a cryptocurrency? That’d be Juventus

Is every major European football club set to launch a cryptocurrency? There are ambitious plans ahead…

Weeks after it was announced that Paris Saint-Germain, the French champions, were to become the latest major football club to launch their own cryptocurrency, another huge European team has followed suit.

This time, it’s the Italian giants Juventus who have jumped aboard. The club already made significant headlines over the summer for the costly acquisition of new star player Cristiano Ronaldo. Now, it’s announced that it’s launching what it calls the Juventus Official Fan Token. Following the template set by other teams, it’ll launch it via a Fan Token Offering (FTO).

As with Paris Saint-Germain, the token is set to be traded on the Socios platform, against the CHZ token. There are similar benefits too, none of which look set to make the owners of the tokens rich. Instead, they can vote on matters to do with the club, get access to stuff they want to buy, and such like. The Fan Token Offering will launch in the first quarter of 2019, and is likely to take the form of a conventional ICO.

Socios, for its part, continues to court more clubs to issue their own tokens via its platform. It’s believed to have several more lined up, and don’t be surprised if more announcements follow in the coming months.

Elsewhere, English Premiership teams Cardiff City and Newcastle United are set to dabble in their own cryptocurrencies too, although both are finding the pressures of competing in England’s elite league financially taxing.

Image: BigStock