The world is about to get its 4000th cryptocurrency ATM

Nearly 200 new cryptocurrency ATMs are being installed each month around the world…

A week or two back, a cryptocurrency ATM that you were supposed to sing happy birthday to was used as a publicity tool to promote the tenth birthday of Bitcoin. But aside from the land of gimmicks, the number of genuine cryptocurrency ATMs has continued to creep upwards. So much so that another milestone is about to be reached.

CoinATMRadar is a site that keeps track of where the world’s cryptocurrency ATMs can be found, and it’s revealed that there are – at the time of this report being written – 3961 crypto ATMs in use around the planet. 40 producers run them across 75 countries, and nearly half of that number have been installed in this calendar year. The site reckons that around six new crypto ATMs come into use every day, with over half of them located in the USA.

By those calculations, the world should see cryptocurrency ATM number 4000 by the end of this month, with another 200 or so added in December.

On top of that, there are a further 2431 fiat ATMs that support some kind of altcoin as well.

As you might expect, Bitcoin remains the dominant coin across the world’s crypto ATMs, supported in some 99.9% of the installed machines. Litcoin and Ether are in second and third, but both some way back.

Nonetheless, the trend is upwards. And if that continues, it won’t be a novelty ATM that grabs the headlines in the future…

You can find CoinATMRadar here.

Image: BigStock