The world’s cheapest cryptocurrency phone launching this winter

For $999 comes the Finney – a smartphone with two screens, and in-built cryptocurrency features…

Hot on the heels of HTC’s blockchain-backed Exodus smartphone that’s just been officially unveiled comes news of a new cryptocurrency phone from Sirin Labs, that’s heading on sale later this year. It was first revealed a few months back, but more details have now come to light.

The phone in question is called the Finney – after Hal Finney, who received the first Bitcoin – and it’s aiming for an affordable price tag. The price being mentioned at the moment is in the $1,000 range, which puts it in line with premium Samsung and Apple handsets.

The phone itself will come with 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and a dual screen. The second screen is exclusively for handling crypto transactions, with the idea too being that the phone is ideal for relative cryptocurrency novices. It’ll feature a cold wallet, that’s separated from the main phone software by a firewall. It’s claimed that the phone itself is highly secure too, so that people can buy and sell their crypto with confidence.

The phone is available to preorder now, and you can find more information on it here.