There are nearly 50 EOS Airdrops due – here’s a list

With a whopping 200-or-so dApps looking to use EOS as their platform, there are a lot of token drops in the offing for hodlers.

EOS may be struggling price-wise right now, along with the rest of the cryptocurrency market, but the massive ICO bought with it a lot of interest from nascent dApp developers, looking to use it as the platform for their creations.

A few days ago EOS block producer LiquidEOS took to Twitter to offer-up a handy chart showing exactly what was in the pipeline.

Now, Redditor u/luckyslow has taken to the r/EOS subreddit and posted a link to a list of those known to be offering Airdrops to EOS wallets, either now or in the near future.

The provider of the list, a user by the name of Francisco Rodriguez, kindly states they made the list because “I would not want you missing out on these…”, and that they had received some already. They are, of course, by posting on the EOS-based, token driven blogging site, also earning crypto for their hard work.

You can see visit the list here.

IMAGE: Pixabay