Thousands of investors’ details exposed in data breach from John McAfee-backed crypto

The details of thousands of investors have been revealed following a data breach from Bezop, a cryptocurrency and blockchain company backed by John McAfee.

The information of more than 25,000 investors, which includes full names, addresses, email addresses, encrypted passwords, wallet information, driver’s licenses and passports, have been exposed by an unsecured MongoDB database.

The breach was identified by Kromtech Security on Wednesday, though Bezop has since written to investors on Medium stating that this breach was already reported by themselves back on January 8, 2018.

“If you remember, we reported a DDoS attack and a couple of security holes that unintentionally exposed user data such as name, wallet addresses, address on file, copies of identification documents, etc., and that they could possibly be in the public domain,” the company wrote.

“That database has since been closed and secured.”

The blog post also confirms that promotion from various sources including John McAfee and Facebook was paid for.

Back in January, McAfee wrote on Twitter: “Bezop is a distributed version of It allows simple and secure creation of e-commerce sites – searchable in the same manner as Amazon – but with no Amazon as middle man. This could be as uge as it gets in the blockchain world.”

Later, it was revealed that McAfee had become an advisor to the Ethereum-based company, after investing early in its ICO and recommending it publicly.