Tinder CTO: ‘Crypto technologists are building our future’

Brian Norgard, chief technology officer for dating app Tinder, has spoken about the current crop of cryptocurrency talent and enthusiasts, comparing them to tech ‘revolutions’ of the past.

He wrote on Twitter: “This vintage of crypto technologists is as good [as] I’ve ever seen. More technical than their Web 2.0 peers and far deeper in sheer numbers than the first wave of mobile. From everywhere in the world and often times working with fully distributed teams these people are building our future.”

This week, Norgard also tweeted a list of investing patterns and preferences for millennials based on a report by CBI Insights, which featured low fees, home ownership, simple/fun/useful UI/UX, mobile first, lack of trust in large financial institutions, gameified solutions and – finally – crypto.

The report looks at the habits and interests of young people, and notes that by 2030 millennials will hold five times as much wealth as they do today.

This is not the first time Norgard has cited crypto as a big player in the millennial investment space, similarly listing it as one of the things young people will be investing in over the next decade back in February.

The list also included “equities they understand” such as Netflix and Amazon, housing in metropolitan areas, transportation methods that ‘free their minds’ e.g. Uber, Lyft, and “experiences that enrich”, and self-help.