Tons of Bunny Token’s allegedly fake staff removed from website

The Bunny Token plot thickens, as almost all of the ‘staff’ working at the allegedly false company have now been removed from the website.

As discovered by Scam Detector, only the three founders – Alexander Maslov, Vasilisa Yakubo and Andrei Kazarin – remain on the staff page, and it’s currently unclear whether these are real employees or simply more fakes.

The site previously uncovered some unsettling details about the company when it emerged some of the staff listed on its website were apparently fake. While suspect Facebook profiles had been set up for almost all of those listed, no other evidence could be found for a vast majority.

When asked, Bunny Token advisor Alex Eikster said that he knew the owners of the firm and does not consider Bunny Token itself to be a scam.

Bunny Token claims to be a future mainstream payment system for the adult entertainment industry, and its ICO launched last month.

More as it emerges…