Trailer lands for cryptocurrency documentary Beyond Bitcoin

New blockchain-backed Netflix rival Binge debuts the trailer for the intriguing-looking documentary, Beyond Bitcoin…

The Slate Entertainment Group is putting its blockchain expertise to use with a new streaming video platform, Binge. A lower-key Netflix rival, the Slate group has been looking for acquisitions to feature on what it’s calling its B-VOD (blockchain video on demand) service.

At the currently-running Cannes Film Festival, it’s thus debuted the trailer for its upcoming documentary Beyond Bitcoin, that’s it’s just picked up. Directed by Jake Witzenfeld, the documentary follows the story of three different people in the cryptocurrency sphere over a course of a year.

There’s financier Ryan Radloff, blockchain diplomat Perianne Boring and capitalist Roger Ver. The film is set to feature the battles within the crypto community itself, the soaring number of ICOs and the potential offered by the blockchain technology itself.

Here’s the teaser trailer…

Binge is set to debut the film in March 2019. Other acquisitions for the service are set to be announced in due course.