TRON network transactions throughput trumps Ethereum

TRON’s transaction volume count has been heading north…

by Manoj Sharma for CNR

The value and importance of an individual cryptocurrency can be determined through multiple factors, and one such aspect is the complete number of network transactions undertaken. Recently, the number of day-to-day transfers via TRON has surpassed Ethereum, making it one of the most used networks for daily transactions.

The networks of cryptos are developed to handle a high volume of transactions. A few networks perform better than their counterparts in this regard. For a long time, Ethereum was considered as a top crypto, which still is the case. However, its competitors are not sitting by idly either.

A major competitor of Ethereum is TRON. As per the statistics on the TRON’s official website, the number of transactions has been increasing rapidly over the past few days. At its peak, the TRON network surpassed 630.000 transactions on 10th of October. That said, it dropped below 600,000 again over the weekend.

Because it is difficult to come by proper statistics pertaining to the dApp ecosystem of TRON, no particular reason can be credited to the increase in the network transactions.

Usually, distributed applications have a positive impact on the volume of transactions in any cryptocurrency network. And there are multiple applications that are currently being built on TRON’s framework, which could be a contributing factor to the recent surge in the number of transactions on the network. Another reason could be the recent development of the TRON Virtual Machine.

On the Ethereum side, nothing major has changed over the past few months. Ethereum’s network remains stable at 600,000 daily transactions.

The statistics of both the networks confirm that their ecosystems are doing quite well, but scalability remains a pressing concern for both Ethereum and TRON. That’s the challenge that lies ahead for the pair of them…

Image: BigStock