Twitter account takes aim at crypto-scammers

A new ‘Anti-bot Bot’ aims to single out fraudsters trying to resemble well known cryptocurrency personalities on Twitter.

The @thatsascam Twitter account has a very simple purpose, which is plainly and simply explained in its profile:

“Help combat the crypto scammers. They often deceive by using similar profile pics and usernames to crypto personalities and companies. Dont fall for it!”

Created by Twitter user @DJBooth007, who also maintains the, the automated account appears to focus on attempts to spoof names of well known crypto-influencers and companies by using similar spellings or Cyrillic letters to fool those using the site for advice and news.

It’s creator introduced it thus:

The bot’s certainly been busy in its first few days of life. Having only gone live on March 2nd, in its first few days of existence it has already single out 26 scam accounts and Tweeted replies to their messages – as well as informing its ever-growing list of followers.

This clever bit of bot programming, begs a simple question: if  a guy going by the name of djbooth007 can come up with something like this, why can’t Twitter itself?