Twitter drama over @bitcoin account blamed on Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash schism

Pseudonymous @bitcoin account shut down, briefly taken over, then returned by social media platform. Conspiracy theories inevitably ensue. 

A few days ago, Twitter briefly suspended the @Bitcoin account for reasons unknown, causing a stir among the crypto community.

Things then took a turn for the distinctly strange, as the account appeared to be briefly taken over by two new owners – one claiming to be from Turkey, the other Russia – before finally being handed back to it initial owner. Here’s their summary of events…

The catch, as you can see from the anonymous owner’s incredulous summary, is that returned account had lost its three-quarters of a million followers during the debacle – though Twitter appears to be restoring them slowly. It is currently sitting at just under 800,000 followers, about 30,000 down on the number it had before it was suspended.

Of course, theories abounded as to why @Bitcoin would be face sanction from the social network. The spotlight of suspicion quickly spun around to its support of Bitcoin Cash. That was a hard fork from the original Bitcoin (for clarity, often described as Bitcoin Core) which took place in Q3 2017, after a long-running schism in the community as to how to deal with issues of scaling and solve the problem of long transaction times and rising costs.

The support the @bitcoin account has showed for Bitcoin cash over recent months has attracted the ire of some Bitcoin ‘traditionalists’, who have characterised it as a ‘fake’ Bitcoin account. This has led to no-little amount of trolling, along with attempts to silence it and other supporters of the new currency. This, some suggest, is a further manifestation of that behaviour – the implication being that pro-Bitcoin Core elements had put into motion the chain of events that led to the suspension of the account.

The account-owner themselves seemed to go one step further, by questioning whether Jack Dorsey – a noted supported or Bitcoin, and investor in the Lightning Network – could himself have been somehow be involved in the decision to suspend the account, which has been running since 2011.

Though the owner of the @Bitcoin account is unknown to the wider public, when accused of being behind it, noted Bitcoin Cash supporter, Roger Ver, had the following to say – implying he knew the real identity of the tweeter:

Twitter, for its part, said – via a spokesperson – that it didn’t comment on individual accounts and had nothing to say on the matter. @bitcoin’s response?


The Verge