U.S. Congressman to lead pro-blockchain and crypto legislation

A Congressman in America is trying to get proper government support for blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies…

US congressman for Minnesota’s 6th District, Mr. Tom Emmer, has announced his intentions to protect and promote the implementation of blockchain technology through new laws he’s trying to pass.

Mr. Emmer’s official site recently published a press release, in which the Congressman declared that he would bring “three groundbreaking bills to support digital currencies and blockchain technology.

He made statements expressing his interest and enthusiasm for doing what he can within his limits in order to promote the use of blockchain technology and digital assets, as a way of boosting economic growth and innovation in the US.

“The United States should prioritize accelerating the development of blockchain technology and create an environment that enables the American private sector to lead on innovation and further growth, which is why I am introducing these bills”, his statement read. “Legislators should be embracing emerging technologies and providing a clear regulatory system that allows them to flourish in the United States”.

As per the press release, Emmer proposed a resolution to support the development of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the country. He also emphasised the need for the US to have a general regulatory framework that adapts to blockchain technology by offering “a light touch, consistent, and simple environment”. He added too that he wants a Blockchain Regulatory Certainty Act to clarify the legal status of particular actors within the blockchain framework, especially miners. Finally, he’s set to pursue a safe platform for taxpayers with forked digital assets.

Emmer’s actions have made quite a buzz on Twitter and has received a positive response from the community. Here’s just one sample exchange.

The legislation still has a long road ahead, of course. We’ll keep you posted of its progress.

Main image: BigStock