Ubanx will bring crypto to the high street with brick-and-mortar stores

A startup is planning to open its first brick-and-mortar store in order to bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream consciousness.

Ubanx aims to provide physical spaces for people to learn about and embrace the crypto world, comparing the idea to that of the Apple Store on high streets.

The company’s website reads: “Ubanx will be the easiest way for everyone to access cryptocurrency and blockchain financial services, providing a digital platform and physical spaces to meet, learn and connect.”

The company’s mobile app will show customers a curated list of blockchain products and services, and crypto experts will be on hand to help them buy, exchange and trade cryptocurrencies if they wish.

In addition to this, these spaces will allow for co-working areas, courses and workshops, and more.

There are already 134 applications to open Ubanx stores in more than 17 countries, according to the company, and the presale for its BANX tokens is currently ongoing.