UK Department for Education has no plans for crypto curriculum

The UK Department for Education (DfE) will not introduce cryptocurrency and blockchain education into the curriculum, though ‘cutting edge technologies’ will be taught.

The statement was made in a recent interview with a DfE spokesperson, who outlined various changes and improvements that would be taking place.

He said: “We have introduced a rigorous new mathematics curriculum and made financial literacy compulsory for 11 to 16 year olds… In addition, our new computing curriculum ensures pupils will have the broader knowledge and skills they need to go on to specialise in cutting edge technologies and become actively involved in using and creating their own digital technology.”

Crypto and formal education may not yet be fast friends, but steps have been made elsewhere to increase funding for the courses and schemes that are available.

Ripple recently donated $50 million to 17 universities as part of its University Blockchain Research Intiative created in support of blockchain education. Oxford University professors have also announced plans for the world’s first decentralised university.