UK startup brings blockchain technology to the recruitment process

Zinc, a UK-based startup, has launched its blockchain-based hiring software in an effort to make the process of recruitment more efficient.

The software is designed to make recruitment and the interview process open source, verifying candidate information on the blockchain and storing it safely in a distributed network. Recruiters can then access the information without each having to collect data such as references each time an application is submitted.

Luke Shipley, CEO of Zinc, said: “With an estimated two million technology roles available at any time, and an increasing shift towards the gig economy, there is a dire need to speed things up. Referencing used to be the gold standard for recruiters but due to significant inefficiencies in the process, it has rapidly fallen out of favour.

“We see significant opportunity to bring credibility and ease back to this important work proof by using new technologies to remove existing pain points and create a seamless and more effective hiring processes.”

A survey conducted by the company found that 79 per cent of people thought they would be granted more interviews if referencing was done earlier in the process.

Zinc is now available to the public, after a successful beta test involving customers including GoCardless and

“Blockchain-verified credentials and records open up possibilities for a whole new level of automation and trust in the hiring process,” Shipley added. “Zinc aspires to become the industry standard for transparent and authenticated proof of work reputation and identities.”