UNICEF is using Coinhive mining tool to help refugees

Charitable organisation UNICEF is using Coinhive to give donators a chance to support refugees by mining cryptocurrency.

When users open a particular webpage, they will be donating their CPU power and helping to raise money for 400,000 Rohingya children that have been affected by the violence in Myanmar.

Funds, in the form of Monero, will be used by UNICEF to help get safe drinking water, food and shelter to those in need.

Users can determine how much power they ‘donate’ with a slider that appears once “start donating” has been clicked, and the process requires no more effort than that. It’s an enterprising way to encourage people who might have the spare cash themselves to help others with nothing at all.

At the time of writing, the website currently has 7,665 people donating.

Coinhive has been tarred with an unfortunate brush because of its potential use by hackers mining cryptocurrency from people without their consent. What UNICEF are doing, however, could introduce a new use for the tool.