Users of Tapatalk are to be incentivised with cryptocurrency

Chat on Tapatalk, and you might get some Kin for your trouble…

Mobile forum tool Tapatalk, that hosts message boards across a wide selection of topics, has inked a deal with the Kin Foundation, that’s going to see users rewarded with cryptocurrency.

Tapatalk currently has somewhere in the region of 300 million registered users, the majority of whom access the service via mobile platforms. To try and lift the quality of content on the Tapatalk platform, the new cryptocurrency deal is coming into play.

Users who create interesting material and good content on the service will be rewarded for doing so with Kin tokens. Furthermore, users will be able to give each other tips by dipping into their Kin balances.

The news was broken on the Kin blog, by product manager Noa Kessler. She wrote that “we’re working closely with Tapatalk to ensure that the integration goes live early in the new year. While Tapatalk is also available for desktop users, our efforts are currently focused on the mobile application”.

She added that “as with all partners, the integration will scale over time, as more users adopt Kin, and we’ll develop even more Kin-powered experiences once the initial rollout is complete”.

Whether users will embrace the new integration remains to be seen, of course. Kin is the cryptocurrency that’s got the Kik team behind it, thus it already has form in messaging services. Tapatalk, for one, believes that it may be onto something here, and we watch with interest to see just how it all pans out.

Image: BigStock