Walmart turns to blockchain for its green salad

If you want to supply leafy greens to Walmart in the future, then there’s a blockchain you need to sign up for…

Whilst many companies are still undecided just what their position is regarding cryptocurrencies, there’s a growing enthusiasm for adopting blockchain technology. Retail giant Walmart is the latest to embrace a big blockchain project, as it looks to add full traceability to its leafy green supply chain.

It’s written to its suppliers of greens, and asked them to sign up to a platform that it’s been working with IBM on for the past year and a half. It’s working on the project too with Sam’s Club, and suppliers of leafy green produce will need to add requisite data about their food to the blockchain within the next 12 months. The aim of the blockchain is to quickly identify and stamp out any potential food poisoning outbreaks. That if an outbreak of something such as salmonella breaks out, it’ll be possible to very, very quickly identify the farm that’s the source of it, and stop the supply of their produce.

In the letter it’s penned to its suppliers, Walmart wrote that “there is no question that there is a strong public-health and business-case for enhanced food traceability”. Furthermore, that under the new system, it expects to be able to trace products “in seconds” rather than days.

Companies who want to continue supplying leafy greens to Walmart have until September 30th 2019 to sign up and conform to the new system. It’s unclear who is going to help farms with the cost of signing up to the ledger, but we could hazard a guess as to who’ll end up paying…

Image: BigStock